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Kamran Educational Foundation

Kamran Educational Foundation being formed by Kamran Nazir Khan's family will serve as a venue for San Francisco Bay Area communities in the areas of cultural, religious, social, and educational services. Additionally, the foundation will provide educational opportunities to the students in Pakistan who have no means to continue their education.


Along with the goals set forth in the Mission Statement, Kamran Educational Foundation intends to build a Foundation Center as well. The Foundation Center will be available to the members of the community for multipurpose uses consisting of, but not limited to, cultural and artistic activities, as well as religious and social functions. At this time there is no Pakistani Center in the entire San Francisco Bay Area. As a result, whenever there is a need for a place to hold a gathering or to perform any kind of ritual or ceremony, the community members face a grave crisis. This important goal can be reached only with our collective communal efforts.

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