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Kamran sm Kamran Nazir Khan was a bright young boy with a promising future ahead of him. However his life was tragically cut short leaving his family to deal with the loss of their beloved son at a very young age. Carrying his cherished memory and a deep desire to do good in the world, Kamran's family has came together in a time of immense grief to carry out a mission of helping other people in their beloved son's name.

Out of this desire, The Kamran Educational Foundation was born. Kamran's family has been helping needy and poor students in Pakistan with scholarships since 2002 with their personal efforts. They have decided that they would like to dedicate their lives to serving the needy and would like to do this on a larger scale and with the involvement of anyone in the community who would like to join them in their noble endeavor. The purpose of coming together as an organization is to allow this noble and charitable goal to go beyond one or two individuals and become the effort of the community. This way the scope of the outreach and the number of needy individuals helped can be greatly expanded and also the organization can be carried forward in a more lasting and permanent manner.

A number of individuals have heard this call to do good and are collectively putting in efforts to make sure that this noble intention is carried out successfully. With a dedicated board taking the responsibility to oversee the operations, the organization has been making progress. The Kamran Educational Foundation got approved as a registered charitable organization from the IRS in mid 2009, and has already started the work of awarding scholarships in Pakistan under its operations and budget.

We believe that we will be able to succeed and expand the scope of our work only through the help and involvement of the community and for this purpose we would like to invite you to join us in helping to carry out our work. We welcome your ideas and suggestions, your time and involvement in our planning and implementation of our activities and your financial help, if you are able to provide any.


Our mission is to help the poor people in Pakistan directly and to help them acquire the tools and skills to help themselves. In our view, one of the best ways of improving the condition of Pakistan as well as the vast number of poor families is through the education of the youth. Education provides opportunities for the uplift of entire communities if the next generation is equipped with the basic requirements of making a sufficient livelihood combined with a knowledge of civic responsibility.

To further this objective and to provide direct aid to the needy, we will continue to focus on our existing efforts to identify and offer scholarships to bright but in-need-of-assistance students. We continue to look into all possible ways of expanding this goal and welcome your input.


  • Quality education
  • Equity
  • Kindness
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
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Donating is not the only way to support. KEF is always looking for volunteers to help us with distributions of the brochures at the Daly City location. KEF also can give college credit for volunteer work for non-Profit. Paid Internship will also be provided. Contact us for more information.

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